Thursday, June 9, 2011

Simply Supper

Not sure if I've shared this before, but I do not cook. Like, AT ALL!
I mean, I love to eat, and can find some very yummy recipes, but I have no desire to execute them.
I've been very fortunate in that Cory is a wonderful cook, and actually likes to cook. The problem is that when he's working 12-14 hours a day, the last thing he wants to do is think of something to make, cook and clean up. So it's started to become a point of contention around these parts. However this week I decided to start helping him out a little more and figured there was a way I could get some food out to him without having to do too much. But I wanted to make sure it wasn't junk food.
Enter Simply Supper :. I'd heard about them a few years back but always assumed it would be too expensive. They actually seem pretty reasonable, so I decided to try it out. premise is this: they provide the kitchen, the recipes and all the food and storage containers for you to prepare your meals. You bring them home and freeze them and BAM! you're all stocked with dinners! Love it!
Since it's a little more complicated than that, here's my experience so far:
First, you select you kitchen time. The first two dates I wanted were sold out, apparently this place is busy!
Then, you choose what sort of package you want. There are 4, we chose the "skinny six" which gives us 6 meals with 2 to 3 servings each (there are options for larger families as well as an option to do 12 meals for both serving options).
Then you choose from the menu options. I thought EVERYTHING sounded good. It was hard to choose. But I decided to sample a bit of everything AND opted to choose items with different cooking methods; bake/grill, stovetop and slowcooker! (since we only did 6 to start, I chose 2 pastas, a salmon dish and 2 chickens). Since they have to buy the groceries, you need to choose your meals in advance to ensure they have enough.
You prepay, obviously since they are gonna buy your groceries! Then you show up at your time and get everything together.
Each day, you thaw your meals and then cook them up.
Sounds easy enough to me!
I have to admit, I am really looking forward to it! I never thought I would ever say that. Plus, it will be a chance for me to give him a break especially on long days. I'll fill you in later next week with how they turned out and some photos and all that fun stuff.
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