Friday, June 17, 2011

Sofa Scouting and a Fabric FAIL!

Tonight, Cory and I went to look at sofas.  We've been talking about getting new living room furniture for quite some time now.  However, this spring we finally decided it was time to officially take the plunge.  Now, keep in mind that while the living room is currently serving as our all the time room, once the basement is finished, we'll be spending most of our time down there.  Which means I get to take over the living room and glam it up a little more.

So, since we're designating the family room in the basement as more masculine, the living room is MY space.  Needless to say, I had something specific in mind.  I knew a white or a cream was completely out of the question so I figured a gorgeous dolphin grey would be perfect.
A while back I spotted this gorgeous grey set:

(excuse the awful shot from my phone)
The color is hard to see here but it is a gorgeous light grey.  A very soft velvet.
It's also super comfy and has gorgeous tufting.
But Cory has convinced himself he does not like it.  He's tried telling me it wasn't comfortable.  I obviously know he's crazy as it's possibly THE most comfy sofa I've ever sat on!

So, in an effort to find something we actually both like, we went out tonight.  We actually managed to find a style we both agreed on:

This is the Magnus. 
He's very comfy and very deep.  Which is perfect.  Our room is shallow but super deep, we'd love something that would let us be closer to the coffee table in the middle of the room.
We even wandered around for almost an hour looking for fabrics, and finally found something that we were pretty happy with.

A medium looking grey with a wave patttern stitched in a very faint baby blue. 
Since the couch also comes with throw cushions in any fabric of our choice, we spent even more time arguing debating over pillow cushions. 
YAY!!  We were so excited to finally agree on something.  Since it was really the first sofa we'd looked at, we weren't prepared to purchase anything right away, so when the sales gal told me we could borrow a sample to take home, I jumped at the change to see how it would look in the room.

And that's where the story comes to a screaching halt....
That is our current sofa.... yeah I know - YUCK!!  Hence why we're looking...

Anyhow, the grey pillow on the right is what I had in mind.  The fabric sample draped over the top is what we THOUGHT we wanted.

As you can see here, it's not grey, it's BROWN.  The cream, brown, blue and green graphic fabric was our compromise on pillows. 

While I don't HATE it, it is definitely not the right choice for want in here.

So.... I guess that means we are back to square one.  Which means NOWHERE!!

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