Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I like to Mo(w)ve it, Mo(w)ve it!

Yes, that's right!  This girl mowed her first lawn this month!!  Last weekend Cory picked up this beauty:

(try not to focus on our filthy driveway, and on the bright shiny green metal!!)
And yes, I did just express my delight in our new lawn mover.

We toyed with the idea of getting a manual powered mower for quite some time.  We figured that with the size of yard, the exercise it would give us, the fact that it was better for the environment, the price point AND the fact that it would take up less space than a gas or electric mower gave it a heads up over another option.

Then we went to the store and Cory looked at a bunch and decided he wanted a gas mower instead.  In fact, he went to get one but they were out of stock.  Two days later I came home to this beauty in our driveway.  I was admittedly quite happy!

I'd never mowed a lawn before and I was actually a little scared to operate a gas or electric option.  I always envisioned slicing my hands or feet off or something crazy morbid.

Not with this baby!!  I wasted no time in getting myself acquainted with this mower.  I've actually mowed the lawn twice!

We were a little worried that it would be incredibly annoying to have to push this baby around and resent getting a push mower, but I love it.  There's something great about the sense of accomplishment that slicing and dicing each blade of  grass!

If you're thinking about getting a push mower, I say go with it!! Unless of couse you have like acres or something...

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