Saturday, June 18, 2011

Outdoor Rug Love!

I've been thinking about getting an outdoor rug for a while now.  Everything on the exterior of our house right now (including the house itself) is pretty neutral.  We even selected a neutral patio set so that it would "blend" nicely with the house.

Unfortunately, I'm starting to think it's kind of bland now.  If it wasn't for the flowers I put out there, it would be so lifeless.

On a little online perusing today, I came across these beauties at Home Depot:

Of course I'm attracted to this one, it has my favorite blue!  Plus, who doesn't love a nice botanical.
But without seeing it in person, I think it might be a little too neutral.

This one is definitely dramatic.  But I'd have to see how the colors read in real life.

But at $130 a piece, they're currently out of my price range for an outdoor rug ( I mean, it only gets 3 months of use each year...)

I did however see two different options at Walmart the other day, that unfortunately, I can not find online.... so I'll keep looking since I will most likely want to get two. One for the upper desk (dining space) and one for the lower patio (relaxing space).

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