Thursday, April 15, 2010

This wallpaper was purchased for the powder room a few weeks back.

It's actually a lot less "vibrant" and very metallic, in person.   I think it's stunning!

It also happens to be the exact color as the original wall-color.  This will come in handy if I decide to chicken out and only do one wall.  (Cory thinks 1 wall will do; I'd love to do the whole space)

Only problem:  I've never wallpapered before, and of course I've selected the most ridiculously intricate pattern as my first project.

Oh that and might need someone to help me move the toilet if I decide to do the full space.

Anyone have any tips for wallpapering?
What's the best way to maximize a roll?
How do you ensure there are no seams in your pattern?
How do I figure out how to match up the patterns?

Any tips or tricks you can provide would be fantastic!

I am hoping to at least START the project this weekend!

Wish me luck!

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