Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Aggression Issues, Excessive Heat and Keeping Active

Okay, so I didn't even get a chance to log onto the computer since I posted Saturday. So the giveaway will be announced tonight when I get home from work. Please forgive me, i've been dealing with the following:

Aggression Issues - no, not my own. The cats. On Friday, I let them out in the backyard with me. Seems we must have a female stray in the area...spraying... Mischu caught wind of the scent and went crazy and started being Alpha-kitty. Poor grey is terrified and pretty much can't leave our bed without being attacked. I've been going home during the day to check on things and make sure they are both alive.

I don't know what to do? Any of experienced this before? Any tips?

Excessive Heat - we moved into our new office building in December, there were issues with it being too hot. The a/c was probably not checked. You know, cause it was cold out! It does not work. It was hotter than 30 in here yesterday. We were sweaty and uncomfortable. The man to fix it, just got here. I am excited! But the whole ordeal made me re-think getting a puppy right away...I think we need the a/c at the house first!

Working it- Cory and I got our first rollerblade of the season in last night. It felt good to get out there and be active. My butt and legs were burning but I kept wanting to push myself. I've missed that immensely. We're both serious about getting back in shape, so I am anxiously awaiting our next roll. Especially with it so hot in the gym right now!

I have a ton of weight I want to shed, and all my muscles to build back up, so I am really being conscious of what I am eating and how It affects me. It will be a slow journey but one I am eager to kick into gear!

Stop in later tonight. I will post my first ever giveaway, and share a little upgrade for our master bath!

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