Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ottoman Accomplished!

Yes, that's correct! I finally finished a project! One that I started almost two years ago and then had to put on hold until I got a sewing machine, and then cause I was unsure how to tackle, and then lazy...
Admittedly, it's not as gorgeous a piece as the fabric deserves! But I blame that on the fact that I just re-covered a poorly built frame, instead of building my own that was properly sized and constructed.
But, it was my first upholstered piece, and I have now learned from my mistakes, and am eager to tackle more in the future!

So, here's a quick peek at how I went from this:
(You can see here, the poor construction and 1000s of finishing nails holding the pleather on!)

It was actually quite a process pulling all of these out!

That left me with a basic (poorly constructed box, with hinged lid)

I added some new foam and this gorgeous fabic:
(which actually looks more amazing and a lot less dark in person)

Removed hinge for top. Bought foam, meausred and cut pieces to fit. Adhered with adhesive glue, wrapped fabric around lid top. Stapled tight. Added nailhead trim (they ran out of the style I use, so that will get fixed in the next coming weeks when I get more stock).

Then I created a snug little slipcover for the base and turned it into this:

** I am still waiting on more nailheads to come in stock in the silver and will add lots more when I get them. However, for all intents and purposes, this project is off my list!

Both cats love it. It doesn't appear to be getting scratched like the old one was....
Apparently the boys only scratch ultrasuede?

Looking back at the old pics, I am now contemplating adding some nailhead to the side panels, like tufting. Thoughts?

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olive and love said...

Ooooh. I think that might be super cute if you added the tacks going down the sides. It would really pick up on the circle theme. Great job! Love the color.