Friday, April 16, 2010

Lesson Learned + Pretty Pots

Two weeks ago, I picked up some new table linens at HomeSense. Unfortunately, one of the tablecloths just wasn't working for me, so I put it at the front door, and stuffed the receipt in my wallet with the goal of returning it...

Well, I finally made it there tonight, and I guess they have a 10 day return policy????!!! 10 days? If I was still working 3 jobs, it could have taken me months to find a spare second to do a return... anyways, all they could do was give me a giftcard, which was fine, I was in the mood to pick up something new anyhow.

So lesson learned. If anything ever needs to be returned there, do so IMMEDIATELY!
Back to tonight, I was really searching for a cloche, apothecary jar, perhaps a chair for the front porch. I also typically spend a lot of time digging through their lanterns and white accessories.

Interestingly enough, what I picked up, were these two flower pots, which I really didn't need:
They are however, the perfect shade of blue and oh so glazey!
The big one was $9.99 and the smaller one $6.99 which is not actually cheap, but I was using the gift card, and had already spent the money so I didn't mind!

Plus, I already have 3 similar ones ( 2 HUGE ones, and 1 the size of the larger pot) sitting outside on the deck, so at least I am keeping it cohesive.

I just can't wait for the weather to settle down so I can actually plant these babies!

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carebear3117 said...

I can relate with you on the Homesense return policy. So many times I have purchased something from there with the idea to return it because it did not work out and it is past the ten days and I end up getting a gift card. I actually have one sitting in my purse right now. Maybe I need to get down there and see if there is something nice.
Thanks for sharing!