Sunday, April 4, 2010

Inexpensive Updates

Yesterday I improved upon a few things around the house that I already had. First up, this gorgeous white Easter lily plant, a thank you gift from my mom 2 weeks ago. This week, the first blooms opened up, but as you can see, it was still leaving something to be desired in it's current state.
The cheap plastic flower-shaped sleeve just wasn't doing it for me....

But then I had a great idea, and crossed my fingers that the interior pot would fit inside this white crock.

Thankfully, it was a perfect fit, and now the plant looks so much better.

Next, I needed something light and feminine for my dresser top. But of course, I wanted to keep the cost minimal.

This white frame was the answer. It was from Dollarama and included the matte.Next step was finding something to put inside. A quick rummage thru the stash of stuff that needed to be put awau in my office yielded this thank you card from a friend's wedding. I simply cut the front of the card off and popped it in the frame.
It's paired with a little black frame with a hot pink feather on the white background of the frame backing.  The feather took on a neat shape when smooshed under the glass, it was perfect!

Great little inexpensive fixes!

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