Monday, February 1, 2010

Embarassing Predicament

This post is a little embarassing, for two reasons:

1. What I am about to show you, is esthetically, a disaster.  I looks disgusting, and I've been living with it in the manner for months now.

2. The cause of the disasterous site, is something I am incredibly ashamed of.  I am aware it is incredibly bad for the environment, yet I am embarassed to admit I don't know what the best alternative is.... which is where I need YOUR help.

Without further ado, I give you the sink in my laundry room.  Albeit, it's an ugly white plastic tub in the unfinished cave that is my basement.  But nonetheless, serves a great purpose.
What you are looking at, my friends is my sink after I washed a paintbrush in it!!!!  Yes, that lovely Antuque Sterling wallcolor that looks like such a lovely light blue in our house, is actually GREY!!!  The paint would NOT go away!!!

Tonight, while Cory watched District 9 (which I  had no desire to see, and re-affirmed this decision 30 seconds after he ordered it), I headed downstairs to finish my laundry.  As I walked past the sink, grimacing at the mess in my sink, I suddenly had an idea:  MR CLEAN MAGIC ERASERS!!!

Wonder if they'll work?  Can't hurt to try, I suppose...

So, I spent about 15 minutes SERIOUSLY scrubbing the sink.

Thankfully, all that hard work paid off, because here's what it looks like now:
Yes, there is a tiny bit of discoloration still left on the right corner at the back (the first place the splash-back hit..) but it's a huge improvement over what was there.  Plus, after much scrubbing, I'm feeling pretty secure that the hint of grey paint is not something that would do any damage to any washables I soak in the tub!

Okay, okay, so now to address the real issue:  Why am I cleaning paint brushes in the sink?  The only reason I have:  My mom always did it when we were younger, and I can't say I'm done much painting in the last 10 years.... so I really have no other idea on what else I should do??

Now, as we start to embark on some home decorating projects in the near future, I know we'll be doing a lot more painting, so I ask all you bloggers in the know:  How do you clean your painting supplies?  Where do you put the dirty water?

I'd love to be more environmentally concious and I would love your input!

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Cara@TheSheetBoutique said...

Wow - that Mr. Eraser is tough! I didn't know it would take care of paint!

As for the environmentally friendly part of cleaning paint, your guess is as good as mine. Either wash the paint down the drain or throw the dirty paintbrush in the landfill... neither option seems "friendly" to me. But a new paint job on some things is worth it!