Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Apology and some House-related venting

No, I've not been away.  Just starting to get over being sick (again.. sheesh!).  Not sure if it was a bad cold, or if perhaps I have some allergies....  That, and besides training for work, amping up my fitness program, and some construction related stresses around here, I've done little home improvements, or shopping.  Infact, I don't believe I have touched the home computer once in the last week.

So sorry if you've missed me. In my usual fashion, I've started a bunch of little projects here and there, but unfortunately have nothing big, or any actual progress photos to share.  But I will, now that I am on the mend!

In the meantime, what I do have, are some photos of some issues going on around here, that are real sore spots for me. You see, we live in a brand-new area.  Infact, when we moved in this past July, other than the showhomes on the street, there were only 2 other families moving in at the same time as us. There were no other houses around!  Unfortunately, that picked up and they have been working on the properties around us.  The streets here are RIDICULOUS!!

Leaving in the morning and coming home from work are almost UNBEARABLE!  There is no where to park, cars everywhere.  Messes are consistently left on our property, and the construction noise sometimes carries late into the evening (especially on warm days...)

I get that this is part of the territory that comes with owning in a brand new neighbourhood, but is it completely silly of me to ask for some respect?  I mean take the following photos for instance:
What's that you ask?  Hmm.. here's a closer look.
Yup, it's one of our downspouts, damaged by the construction workers next door.  And no one bothered to tell me, they just locked it back in place, and went about their way....
Same thing with the one at the back of the house....

 Why are they walking around in my backyard, so close to the house you ask?   Well, if you look closely behind that chair there, it's an outlet (with a GFI plug!!) and I have the electricity bill to prove it! 
 Yup, it DOUBLED!!

If that didn't knock me on my ass, then this might: 

That's in my front yard, and as you can (sorta) see, the boards are sticking out, far past my front porch. 
I'm lucky I don't knock my head when I leave the house!

I did however get smoked in the shin with a big piece of metal, as seen below:

Wonder if my neighbour is having as many issues as me?  I should ask, since it seems they are visiting his power outlets too!!

Sigh.... well, hopefully my well-put letter and incessant phone calls will get me somewhere soon....

** just a note:  the issues we are having, are with a different builder than we had build OUR house...*

Thankfully, all the construction will be done soon, and there was no landscaping done this past summer to ruin!


Holly said...

I HATE dealing with builders! I will probably never build new just for that reason. It took us 2 YEARS!!! to get them to get out and do the grading on our last house... nothing but repeated calls with no response really grates on the nerves so I can only imagine what you are dealing with. I really hope you get it all settled with minimal headache~

Deb said...

I just thought of an idea regarding the power use. Can you switch off the breaker to the outside power outlet? Just a thought. Good luck!

Pretty Little Things for Home & Life said...

Deb - yeah we shut the power off the night we opened the power bill! They were not happy about that.. especially the one guy who had the decency to come and ask to use the power, and said he would SPLIT the bill with us. Unfortunately, the last guy ruined it for everyone.

Nicole@CraftySisters-nc said...

Holy Crap I'd be sooooo mad! It's really good that you are documeting everything, just remember the squeaky wheel does get the oil---or paid power bill!:) I'm so glad I found your blog! You are a really funny writer, I have enjoyed reading a ton!! Good luck!:)