Saturday, February 27, 2010

DIY Spring Nest Wreath

Ever since I took down the lackluster little red heart shaped wreath after Valentine's Day, my front entrance has felt a little BORING. Not to mention I put away the grapevine reindeer, and it's pretty much time to send those potted mini trees into storage as well.  I have to admit that coming home to a cheerful little wreath upon my door makes me smile everytime. 

Unfortunately, the Easter wreath my mother in law got me a few years back had gotten damaged in our first move, and since I wasn't much of a wreath person back then, I chucked it without bothering to try and fix it!  Regretting that now...

So I went perusing blogland for some inspiration, and found two that I am absolutely in love with and totally want to create my own versions of!

This first one, was exactly what I was envisioning, but 100 times better!!  I knew I wanted to use a grapevine form again, and wanted something with birds/eggs/nests.  Living with Lindsay created this gorgeous version of someone else's wreath and I think it turned out lovely!!  Exactly what I want to do!

It reminds me a little of this Good Housekeeping wreath I saved a while back.  Love the pussywillows!!

Then, a surpise when I fell in love with this sunny wreath created by Amy over at Design-Aholic.   Even better that it's pretty inexpensive to make.  I've yet to decide on my flower choice, but this one will be bringing me into summer, I'm sure!  Plus, it really has me missing my old dark brown front door... sigh!

Anyhow, I've started my first of the wreath projects today, but I'm not finished, so stay tuned later this week for the reveal.  Thanks ladies for such great inspiration!

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