Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pops of White - My display cabinet!

You may remember a few weeks back when I was mentioning that I was hoping to start a milk glass collection to showcase in our china cabinet/bar/display shelving in the dining area.  I was really unhappy with the current display of barware, since the clear glass was really just disappearing into the dark wood.  Plus, we really weren't using the area as a bar, like we thought we would!

Today, I changed it up!  No, I didn't get any milkglass yet (that's still to come!), but I did have a few white ceramic pieces I purchased for a spring mantel, that isn't quite ready for them yet...

(All pieces from Michael's ; all 40% off!!)

However, when I brought them home I loved them too much to just stick them into the armoire until the mantel was changed out.  So, I decided to just go for it, and switch out the display case.  (I'll spare you pictures, since I didn't take the time to take any, plus it was just not a good scene to begin with.

In addition to the three new pieces from today, I just used other random white pieces I already had.  I have far less nice pieces that I had wished.. but I made do.   It is by NO MEANS finished, and I will improve, and add pieces as I acquire them, but it is 100 times better than what was there before, especially since you can actually SEE the pieces now.  Take a look:
We had a bunch of different options for this space, and opted out of wine racks or glass racks, since we're not wine people.  In our heads these pigeon holes made the most sense, since we could use them for whatever... unfortunately, we didn't have the dimensions, and they turned out very narrow that not even a bottle of wine would fit!  For now, they hold single plates, and winter placemats.

I know... not great but better than before!
I have since changed the bird for a larger, lower bird to add some contrast.
These serving bowls are my favorites, a gift years ago, that came from Costco. The wicker balls (in neutral) were a Dollarama  find today.  I thought they added a little textural interest.

Here's the other side:

Seeing this photo now, these look too similar, so I will be moving things around later tonight.
Probably with this shelf that is very bland.

It was a quick afternoon project, and I am eager to get some new things to fill in the spaces and make it a lot more interesting.  But I am happy with the improvement already.


Deb said...

I got a little bird at Michael's at 40% off this weekend too!

Kittybeansjewelry said...

I am totally into white things too! I get stuff from thrift and discount stores and spray paint it with white satin spray paint. I have been quite happy with the results.

Pretty Little Things for Home & Life said...

I've been looking for find some cute things ( especially birds to add to my collection), but despite my best efforts, have really only found crap at our local GWs and the like. I always find I have to spend a little more, at an antique mall to get good stuff. I'm excited for summer garage sales though, those can yield great finds!