Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bits of this and that

Lessons learned this week:

~ spray painting when it is cold out, is a bad thing.  Yeah, so I decided to put another coat of paint on the lamp I am re-finishing.  Unfortunately, I think this project might need to put off until the spring, since I don't have anywhere warm to work, and I think I may have ruined it now, and will need to start over... sigh.

~ paint and other construction-related materials like Liquid Nails, Poly-fil, etc. should not be kept in the garage when you live in freezing North like I do! Especially if your garage isn't insulated, such as ours!  Oops!  Point taken, and I will make sure to assign a special cabinet for such items in the laundry room when we finish the basement.

~ there really is no good way to clean up glitter.  Especially fine glitter like Martha Stewart`s.  Best option is to wash it away, off the table, the floors, your face, and entire outfit.  You will however, still find it EVERYWHERE for the next year....

~ no matter how hard you try to keep things organized, if there is a male in your household, all hope will be lost.  Take for example my kitchen drawers.  Here's a sampling of what they looked like yesterday afternoon:

hmmm... I think it's time for that pasta sauce -stained container to hit the trash....

I organized them, and I give it two days TOPS before  Cory makes a mess of them again.

~ Lastly, I think it's just IMPOSSIBLE for me to start and finish a project in a timely fashion. Despite my insistence that they should take 5 minutes TOPS....sigh.  There are suppossed to be 2 chandeliers hanging here, but I was short one hook!

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