Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bamboo Lovelies

Okay, I have to admit I did a little stalking last week! Yeah, during my regular Kijiji  browsing, I came across a pair of black lacquered bamboo tables/stools.  The price was reasonable, but I talked myself out of them, as we really don't need them.  Cory would be so mad if I bought them, I thought....

Yet, I checked their listing daily....

Imagine my surprise and delight to see them further reduced on Saturday evening before bed.  I quickly sent the owner an email asking their dimensions.  You know, I had no intentions of buying, but I just wanted to know, if the potential owner would be easily able to find cushions for the top.

They were a nice size, perfect height, wide enough to sit on, or accomodate a tray.  Oh good, the person who bought them would be lucky....

Later than afternoon I called and asked if they were still available!  I drove all the way to the other side of the city to pick them up.  They are chipped in a few spots, which is fine cause I plan on re-painting.

There is a tiny piece that is broken, that I am sure I can fix no problem.  Although, I will admit I almost walked away.  But I've loved bamboo for a while...plus I asked for a lower price.

For now, they are in the back of my car.  It'll be a while before they are ready for their AFTER photos.  I plan on painting them when the weather is warmer, and I want to find some cushions, if not make some.  I promise to post the photos when they are finished

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