Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentine's Mantel thus far

Okay, so as I said earlier, this is my first year decorating for Valentine's Day.  So, I am limiting the decor to my mantel, and possibly a wreath... if I can find the form that I am looking for, that is!

However, I had NO budget, so other than the bucket o' blooms, I used what I had!  That alone, was incredibly difficult.  I actually didn't think I had anything that would work!

So please don't juge me too harshly!  I also think I will most likely add some sort of garland/banner later this week.... I'll post pics if I get around to it.

In the meantime, it made Cory  smile when he came home from work just now!

Here's a closer look at each side:

The tall pink vase usually sits on my dresser (it has clear polka dots all over, that you can't really see), I got it years and years ago at HomeSense.  The pink rose picture is 1 of 5 art cards, purchased at Ikea years ago, as well. The frame was made by my mom, at my request, and was laquered in black to make the images POP.   Behind that is a little "floral" arrangement I made this afternoon in about 2 minutes. 

First, I cut some branches out of a vase I had in a corner, and combined them with some curly gold sparkle branches from a Christmas arrangement, and threw them in a heart-shaped Crystal vase. To add some interest, I used some felt flowers from  Stampin Up and attached them to the branches with glue dots.  (this will allow me to remove them without destroying them when I dismantel the display!)

On the other side, I placed a pink striped box under my blooms pot, to give it a little extra height.  The box is actually a gift set of floating candles.  Infront of that a little decorative pink bottle I got in Junior High from the dollar store.  There was already a little heart-shaped keychain around it's neck, so I left it there.  Next to that is one of my mercury glass candlestick holders from Ikea  and a vanilla pillar candle.

Simple, pretty and pink!  I'm pretty limited for space, with the tv above the fireplace (which I hate!!!), but it works for now.

Thoughts?  Any ideas how I can jazz the space up a little bit more?

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HouseMama said...

I think what you did is very cute and festive. (No judging here!) I like those hearts in the bucket - very fun!

Holly said...

LOVE it all!!! The sparkle hearts are just darling and so creative. I don't think it needs a thing~

Hope you are enjoying this cool weekend we are having!

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Yay! I am so very glad you joined the party! I have had so many ladies tell me that they can't join because they have a tv over their mantel. You have proved that it IS still possible to decorate around the beastly necessity. Good for you! And double good for you for using what you already had in a creative way. That is what this party is all about :). I hope to see you back in future weeks.


Pretty Little Things for Home & Life said...

Thanks ladies! I still feel it's a little lack-luster, but the great feedback helps!!