Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This regularly scheduled post has been delayed due to unexpected guests....

I had hoped to have some crafts ready to go for some posts, but mom is in town for some doctor's appointments, so things are a bit delayed.

However, small bits of progress have been made and the following are in the works:

~ the first coat of paint went on Vintage Lamp #1 this weekend, since it was actually pretty nice out and tolerable in the garage.  (it has gotten cold again though, and might be a little while still before another nice day... cross your fingers for me!)

~ some supplies have been purchased and some more are being sought out to get the V-day decorations started.  This is my FIRST year doing these, I am going very minimal

~ the base for the ottoman re-upholster project has been brought inside, so that means it's on the board for projects.

Just a quick, very late post as I check in for inspiration!

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