Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vintage (Wooden) Lamp Update: Stage 1

About a month ago, I scored this new girl:

Apparently, my mom had gotten a pair of the lamps from a friend a few years back, and had given one that she wasn't using, to my brother for his first place. Thankfully, when I mentioned I liked the shape and size, he mentioned he wasn't using it. So, a few weeks later, he dropped her off!

Thankfully, I have a pretty good imagination, cause when she arrived, she left little to be desired... The wood-tone was NOT my style, the base was gold, and the shade was sooooo old, the pleated fabric part had come completely unglued from the plasticy-liner portion of the shade.

What I DID like: The base was tall and pretty substantial, and I really liked the shape! I knew with a little paint, and a new shade, this would look great in my house!

Immediately, visions of the re-created lamp started filling my head. Should I paint it white, and add a black shade? No, too modern. Should I paint it the same color as the walls ( ICI's Antique Sterling) and add a huge white drum shade? That was veto'd as too boring by Cory and my mom, They thought I needed something with a little more impact - like the bright turquoise of our bedroom lamps. One of which is currently sub'ing in the living room for some extra reading light. Okay, so I was set on getting a huge white drum shade, and possibly a turquoise lacquer.... when my search for a white drum shade lead me to this beauty at HomeSense.
Love, love, love that nubby tweed. However, the $20 price tag made me put it back on the shelf, because I was looking for white....
When I came back a few days later, it was still the one tweed one sitting there, amidst a pile of cream damask! I took that as a sign, since I was still thinking about it. I threw it in my cart and never looked back!

Luckily for me, it was a perfect fit when I threw it on! It was a far-cry from what I was originally envisioning, but it looks great... well except for the base that needs some work!

So now, all that's left is painting the base. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with a bright white... oh yeah, and grab a lamp finial (somehow this one went missing).
I'll share the reveal as soon as I finish it!

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Kati @ Obscured Flair- said...

awww it's coming along nicely! that shade is definately a big change! I can't wait to see it completed!!