Saturday, January 30, 2010

Anyway you "Slice" it...

You may not know this, but I used to be a Demonstrator for Stampin' Up! . I started doing it, mostly just to get the discount, but eventually started doing workshops and stuff.  Unfortunately, any of my friends who were interested, either started doing it themselves, or weren't interested in the capacity that required them to buy stuff, so it ended up being a lot less lucrative than I had hoped.  So, when it started to cost me more money than I was bringing in, I decided to give it up.

While I still stamp, and make cards for myself, and occassionally for others, I have to admit, I've not done too much lately. Plus, I never really got as good as some of those girls out there!  But I still have a desire to someday be good, and create beutiful paperthings. 

Anyhow, the point of the post, is that since I stopped doing it as a business, I never got around to owning a Cricut or one of those other fancy cutting machines.   I just couldn't hustify paying that kindof money when I was barely making cards even.  However, lately, I've been seeing a ton of home decor items that people have been creating, with the help of one die-cutting machine, or another.

It got me thinking, so I went out and checked the prices of some of these machines.  Still WAY outta my budget. Shoot!

Today however, as I was going thru the archives of some of my new fave blogs, I stumbled across a mention of a Slice machine while over at Little Birdie Secrets and had to check it out! 

The Slice  is small, cordless and a lot cheaper than some of the other models out there!  The design cards offer seem pretty versatile, and there are quite a few cards that offer different fonts, in addition to  a slew of pretty designs, so it seems possible not to have to spend thousands of dollars, just to get the shapes I want!

Does anyone else have any reviews of this product?  Is it worth the buy?  Or should I save up and buy another model?  Thoughts!!

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