Monday, April 20, 2009

This weekend, while at work, I got a lovely gift from a colleague. I've been keeping her up to date on the progress of our house, since way back, when we were just looking.

She stopped by to tell me that she had bought some artwork last week for her office, and it just didn't suit the space as well as she thought it did. Unfortunately, she didn't have a need for it elsewhere, and was I interested in it?

One look, and YES I was. All from Ikea, the simple silver frames and black and white artwork are classic, timeless and similar to alot of the stuff I already have.

All it took, was a thank you, some garbage bags to store them in, and a little lugging to the car, and these 4 pieces of artwork were MINE!!

They'll be going into storage until we move, but I had to take a picture to show them off. I'm not even sure where they will go yet, but there will be tons of extra rooms, in need of some wall-bling. While similar in style, the art is different in all 4 frames, so I am not even sure yet whether I will keep them together, as an instalment, or maybe split them up throughout the house.

Either way, I am sure I will find these frames a good home! Thanks Lesa!!

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