Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tales from a Weekend Warrior Lazy person

Afternoon! Yeah, I know, it's the weekend, and I typically don't post, but since I was MIA during the week, I figured I'd fill you in as to why..... I got a job. Not a "real job", but a "for now" job. So I am waitressing, in addition to working P/T at the real estate office. It's not a lot of money... but at least there's some money coming in now.

I'm also still plugging madly away, sending off more resumes than you could imagine, in hopes of getting hired.

We're lazing about today, since we're both home, but being budget concious. Just thought I would say HI! before we head off to:

~ make some money **
~ bank some money
~ take proper pictures of the new house ( provided it's unlocked! )

** I'll fill you in later today, with the details on this, and some pictures!!

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