Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Well, last week, one thing I did manage to get done, was spend one of the first beautiful days, out on the balcony, taking down the Christmas lights. Yup, while Cory was at work, I hoped on the ladder (a "parting gift" from the job that laid me off haha! ) and took down the lights! I also brought out, a few of the pots that I had brought in for the winter, since it was my first year planting... I wasn't too sure how things would fare with the fierce Alberta winter.

I also got to thinking about how I couldn't wait til we're in the new house so I can start beautifying the space PRONTO!!

As you may recall, here is the beautiful Patio set, I've had my eye on for a couple months now. I mentioned yesterday that I have a small feeling I might be getting it as a gift. (but I won't hold my breath, as it's kinda pricey and not something my mom would typically splurge on).

Yes, the biggest reason this set is my dream piece, is the dreamy silvery blue color. Oh, and low and behold - it matches the lovely metallic color of the trio of outdoor pots I bought last year.... of course, if they sell them again this year, I am picking up a slew of them!!

One thing I found last night, were these fantastic sun/wind shades from Ikea . Since our house has a walk-out basement, our main deck will be above the fence height, and all on-goings on the deck, will be visible from the street. Since our house will back onto what will down the road, be a busy, main road, it might be nice to have some privacy during bbq season. I'm not sure what color I like best though....... I will certainly be running this idea by Cory.

Also from Ikea, I liked the simple, shape and color of these planters. I think 3 of these would be perfect for the seps coming up to the front porch of the house. There is just enough room on the side of the stairs, for something like this!!

Lastly, the hottest thing right now, would have to be solar powered lights for the garden. In keeping with our sleek, modern theme, these silver Ikea light posts are some of the prettiest I've seen!

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