Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm off this morning at an Interview... and I think I have a "for now..." job lined up for myself as well. I pretty much got hired on the spot at a resturant yesterday. I worked at a different store, same chain 99-07... so I was pretty much a no-brainer to hire.

We'll see how it goes when she gets back to me with a schedule and here's hoping that the interview today goes well.. and maybe I won't even need to take the restaurant job!

It's technically 2:30am as I write this... and there is a crazy windstorm outside right now..... I'm actually a little concerned and just waiting for the rain.

However, I have some investgating and possibly a project this afternoon involving a kitten, bi-fold doors, and our basement closet/crawl-space storage room.

Have a good one!

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