Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Exploring my Options - to Paint or Stain?

A few weeks back we helped our friends move into their new ($900,000.00) home! As you can imagine, making an upgrade to a house like that, means that most of your current furniture, doesn't really work.....

So, they were offering up, some of their old stuff! The best find? A set of three coffee/end tables. However, I initially said no - they weren't really my style or my color. Plus, they were glass, and I really didn't think I needed tables. Oh yeah, and I didn't want to seem cheap.

However, after further thought, and a better look at the tables, I realized that it would be pretty dumb of me to pass up such a good offer! The tables were in perfect condition, and they were good sized! Plus, lets face it - I realized, I AM CHEAP!

So, the next day, we each drove our vehicles over, and brought those babies home. However, since we're still months away from moving, we had them stacked in the loft, without their glass tops, since we're kind of at a loss for space right now.

But since bringing them home, my list of "what to do with them" questions, has only grown?

1. First of all, where am I planning on using them? In the main floor living room? Or maybe the downstairs (when we finish the basment) family room?
2. Are they the right proportions for the couches we currently have?

3. How much do I hate the glass tops??? Can I live with them? Or is there something I can do to fix/replace them with??

4. Is the color realllly as bad as I initially thought? How dark do I want to go? (black or black brown, like an espresso?)

5. Will I stain them (like I originally thought I would do) or should I just paint them? Is staining even an option (it is - I checked with my mom, they are real wood!)??

Initially, I decided that I wasn't even going to touch them, until we were in the new house, and could see how they worked. But, last night, in a burst of creative energy, I decided to take a closer look, and get some quick pics!

They are, in fact, in great condition. After unstacking them, and laying them out with the sofa in the loft (which will eventually go in the basement family room until I can afford new stuff, I saw that they have great proprtions when paired with our furniture. The coffee table, as I predicted, is a fantastically HUGE size!!! But since I'm still on the fence about what room to use them in, I dragged one of the side tables downstairs to the living room to see if they'd work with the very tall arms on that sofa - THEY DID! They're a little short, but with the right lamp, I could pull it off!!

So, now I'm left to figure out if staining or painting is the best idea? The rest of the furniture is all black and blacky-brown (espresso-looking ) and I love that look. The wood has a nice grainy-quality, so I think staining might be best.... But will it end up looking to "weathered??"

I've decided that if they go in the basement, the glass tops will be fine. But if they stay upstairs, I might look into getting a solid top made.

Thoughts?? Any advice, tips, tricks, etc, is generously accepted!!!

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Katie said...

wow what a great friend! And those tables have sooo much potential. I would recommend polystain for a color change or you can't go wrong with paint :) And the tops can be changed out with whatever your taste...let us know what you decide! I am sure they will look fabulous!