Monday, May 7, 2012

What on Earth?

Since things have been super crazy for me lately, I have been "posting" (or so I thought...)  from my cellphone over the last month....

I finally had a chance to log on today, only to find that NONE OF MY RECENT POSTS ARE ONLINE!!  And Blogger has completely changed and I am completely LOST!!!

Not sure what exactly happened, but I must not have set it up properly on my new cellphone.  Woop woop :( 

Anyhow, it's been a little crazy with me working a ton.  I took a contract job for the entire month of April ON TOP of my full-time job that kept me busy busy. So I was excited for May so I could finally get some much needed stuff done around the house (which we did and the posts got lost... so I will do a brief little re-cap of what we've been up to:

In a bout of productivity one afternoon about 2 weeks ago, Cory got the following done:
- raked the grass (about half our entire back yard is completely dead.  I guess that's what we get for getting a female dog....  :(
We'll be getting out the fertilizer this week to hopefully try and repair some of it, but will most likely be ripping it up and putting in new sod. 
**Note: we are also going to try those vitamin pill things that apparently help neutralize the urine ph levels.  Friends have said they work**

- light bulbs have been changed throughout the house's interior and exterior (that was mostly my doing, but I will help Cory take the credit)  One of the bulbs however had been out for I'm guessing 2 years... This made a world of difference, let me tell you!

- the screen on our rear screen door was replaced after it was damaged by both cats and Finley scratching at it last year.  This is now the second time we've done this.... we decided to shell out the extra dough for the heavy-duty "pet screen" this time and so far, so good.  But time will tell as the weather actually gets nice enough for us to have the screen door open and the animals to get the urge to go out more.

- He also pressure washed the entire house, deck and lower patio and I think even the driveway!

- the metal door sweep on the screen door has finally been installed properly so I don't come home to little paws sticking out from under the door at me.  He also tightened the frame so it doesn't bang around now when you close the door.

- new weather stripping was applied to the front door (this was a little late but we're all ready for NEXT winter now...)

Those may seem like simple, every day tasks to some, but with him working 14 hour days often, it's a big feat for me to get him to do one of those things usually, let alone all of them.

We both worked this weekend and I had a birthday outting so it was kind of wash weekend, but I've got tasks planned for the whole rest of the week, so expect something new each day!!

What have you done to get your home ready for Spring/Summer?

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