Friday, May 25, 2012

A Post About Posts...

Yeah, I know, doesn't sound too exciting does it?

Well it was for me.  You see, we put our fence up last year, but with Cory working every 2nd weekend, it always takes a while to actually complete things.  Plus you know, he's really just never been a handy-man.... 

So the fence was mostly completed (we still need a few  small boards to finish things off cosmetically), paint the darn thing since we had to wait due to the pressure treated wood and then there were the posts. We didn't own a saw to do it, so they just stood out like sore thumbs.  Some were awkwardly tall, like at least a foot!  ( I didn't really get any "BEFORE" photos of the posts though, sillly me, but you can kinda see the super tall posts in the shot below.)

Anyhow, tonight I had the bright idea to remind him to borrow the Sawz-All from work and wouldn't you know, he actually even completed the whole task this evening... after working 12 hours.  I was SHOCKED!! ;)

There was one post that was apparently further in the ground than the rest, so it set the height for the rest of the post tops (4").  So, perching percariously on a cheap plastic lawn chair filling in as a ladder, Cory got to work!

Oh yeah, excuse our sad excuse for a lawn - I will be posting about that mess tomorrow!

Of course, our favorite helped insisted on checking things out!

We weren't really sure what to do about the side of the fence that went up the hill.  Do we go flat lile the rest or do we angle them like the rest of the fence???  We went for angled and then of course, I thought it looked a little weird when it was done, but oh, well...  What do you think?

Overall, it was a quick little project, perfect for 8pm on a weeknight.  Plus, now we are 1 step closer to calling the fence totally complete.

All we still need to tackle is:

- Adding a few finishing rails to about 4 parts including the front of the gate
- Painting the whole damn thing

What outside projects have you tackled lately?

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