Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fabric Love

For a while now, I've had a huge crush on Dwell Studio's gorgeous Vintage Blossom fabric in Jade:

I absolutely LOVE the perfect robin's eggy blue color with the contrasting charcoal and white print.  Plus, cherry blossoms AND white birds!!  This fabric must have been made for me.  I literally could see myself using this EVERYWHERE in my house!

However, I'm going to have to order a sample as I am a little worried that the "jade" may be more green in real life than I hope.  (fingers crossed it's as it looks online!)
I think it would make an absolutely gorgeous set of drapes for the main floor.  I'd need 2 pairs as the living room windows and sliding patio doors are not only on the same wall, but literally a few feet apart, I think that the colors are muted enough not to be too much for the small space!

See? Isnt' it just so pretty on pillows?

Also in my search tonight, I stumbled upon  another gorgeous pillow:

Albeit, $80 is quite a bit more than I usually spend on throw pillows... But I think I just might love this fabric even more!!!

Unfortunately, they don't appear to sell just the fabric.  (Yet... I am hoping) as this would be absolutely gorgeous for our bedroom!  Maybe a headboard or drapes as well?

What do you think?  Has anyone seen the Peacock fabric available for sale??  Let me know!

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