Saturday, May 12, 2012

A New Bed!

But not for us...

I've been having some sleep issues lately, with Finley taking up a lot of room in our bed.  The heat is causing her to stretch out quite a bit and she has been encroaching on my space quite a bit.  I decided it was time for us to crack down and stop letting her sleep with us.

You'd be surprised just how little room there is in a Super King bed with 2 adults and a dog when you're used to sleeping in one.

Anyhow, today we hit up Petsmart to pick up some pills to help prevent puppy potty breaks from killing our lawn even more than it already has, and while we were there, we picked up this beauty:

This thing is HUGE!!  I can curl up in it!

I absolutely love the gold upholstery on the bolsters!  This is a bed I would NOT be ashamed to have on display in my living room or wherever.  I'm glad companies are making dog beds more attractive so that they dont stick out like sore thumbs in decorated rooms!

It's regularly $100, but we snagged this baby for $45 as it was Reduced to Clear!

Best part?

This little girl is a fan!! 

It'll probably take some time to get this 2 year old girl to stop trying to sleep with us, but I am glad she has a nice new bed to occupy instead!

Happy weekending!

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