Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hmmmm...I seem to have lost a post somewhere in blogland here...weird!

Well, to paraphrase, we had 4 little home projects planned for the past weekend! Yay right? Unfortunately not! Something thru a loop in all of them!

Firstly, we didn't find any fabric we loved for the headboard we're going to make.so the search is still on for that!

Then, stupid sears cut my last set of blinds wrong, so no install for me!

Then, we went out and bought some stuff to finish our master closet organization. But we forgot to get something... So it's sitting in wait! Thankfully, we are heading out tonight to get the one bracket we still need!

Oh, and while we were out on Sunday, we also picked up a new tool for Cory - a sanding attachment for his drill! So hopefully we can get the ball rolling on a big transformation for the living room!

On a side note, we had some friends over on Saturday. It was the first time people had been over since the mantel was installed and they commented on how expensive an upgrade that it must have been... They figured like $3500 or something!!

They were besides themselves when I told them it was a custom job by my mom!they couldn't get over how amazing it was! My mom was pretty proud!

Today: in addition to getting the last little bits of supplies for the closet project, I am also working on a couple surprises for Cory's very quickly approaching bday!

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