Wednesday, August 26, 2009

in my dreams!

One of the great things about working for a homebuilder is getting to see new products before they become mainstream.

Such was the case yesterday afternoon, when I came across a magazine article that made me do a double take!

At first glance, it appeared I was looking at another impractical lighting solution in a kitchen. Albeit, one of the most beautiful pendants I'd seen in a while. Although, after further examination, and a read of the article, I realized this was not any ordinary light fixture!

In addition to obviously shedding light, this beauty is a range hood! Yup! You heard me right!

The Star from Elica looks like a crystal pendant light, but works really hard too!

It's got a remote so you can control it from across the room, if you're so lucky to have a kitchen this large!

I told Cory that in our next house we have to build a gigantic island and put our stovetop there, just so we can get this beauty!

Although, I doubt it's in our price range!

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