Tuesday, August 18, 2009

blinded by the choices

For the last month, I've been slowly trying to find some sort of window treatment for the patio doors off the dining area. Originally, I wasn't too concerned about this window/door since it wasn't a privacy issue.
However, we've come to realize that the dinner time sun makes it impossible to avoid any further. That, and the fact that I am pretty sure the sun is bleaching my cabinets!

Originally, when I had a company come out to do the blind measurements, I fell in love with the idea of a panel track. I also went gaga for this sheer floral fabric! It would have been perfect. Thank goodness it was pretty expensive - $800. So I opted out! I'm thankfull, cause in hindsight,it would have been to sheer!

I like the idea of it though, so I've been seriously contemplating ordering this one! Two issues with that though- one it's from sears who I said I'd never buy from again. Plus since it is a catalogue item, I'd be buying sight unseen. And I don't know if I wanna take a chance with that, since the color is "mushroom"... Another option we've been entertaining is verticals (which I hate) but I haven't found a color/fabric I love yet. I am thinking perhaps an ultra suede in bright white!
Lastly, the easiest and least appealing option- black-out lined drapes. These would be easy to install.I've also found a gorgeous pair of silk ones in a robin's egg-like blue at the Bay! What I don't like about it! They would either be open or closed... No happy medium like with a relative sheer...
Plus, would drapes really be the right look?

Any tips? My space is a mix of contemporary, with some eclectic and tradional thrown in!


Rebecca said...

Hi there! thanks for checking out my new blog:) Im in Edmonton too!
Hmmmm I am biased cause I love drapes/curtains so my vote would be for white or those robins egg silk panels!! Have you checked out Jysk yet for curtains?? They have a great AFFORDABLE selection!! \
~Rebecca (PaintingtheRosesWhite.com)

20-Something Superhero said...

I think for the meantime, until I find something I am crazy about... U'm probably gonna grab some drapes just as a bandaid solution. I think, in general though, we're looking for a sleeker look...?