Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lantern Love

Just off our front entrance, beside the powder room, we have a little corner ledge shelf.

Initially, Cory wanted to use it as a drop point and move the large silver bowl we use to corral all our keys, wallets, etc. Into. It was a good spot for it, but we all know how cluttered and messy these spots can get. I didn't want the first thing you are when you came into the house, to be a mess, so I quickly veto'd that idea!

My first thought was to get a gigantic vase and some large arrangement, like faux bamboo. But when I couldn't find the right vase, I came up with another BRIGHT IDEA!

A lantern was the perfect idea for this space! Not to mention it was end of season and they were clearing them out everywhere!

A trip to my local HomeSense yielded the perfect find. This silver beauty found me in the clearance aisle, as she was missing a pane of glass. Thankfully, it was the one right at the back, and for what I needed, you wouldn't even be able to tell! So I snatched it up!

(if I ever want to move or hang the lantern, I can always get a small piece of glas cut!)

However, my search didn't end there! I needed something to brighten up the lantern... Either in the form of an accent color or literally!
I went with BOTH!

A quick stop over at Michael's produced these pretty pillar candles in the perfect ocean mist color to work with the walls! Not only are they the best color, but they smell great and they help to light up the entry nook and Lead the way to the washroom!

Since I didn't want to spill wax everywhere, I got a candle holder in clear glass to keep drips at bay!

I think it looks great! Best part? It was under $40!

The breakdown:
Lantern $30
Candle $2.99 (actually free with a giftcard)
Candle holder (the clear glass candle plate I already had!)

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