Thursday, August 27, 2009

household shopping list

The following is a list of stuff we need house-wise. I'm posting it here for two reasons. One, to clear room in my head and avoid forgetting. Two, to make me accountable. Regularly, I can forget a list or throw it away.

~brackets for closet organizer
~rest of blinds for house (1 master bed; 1 master closet; 2 french doors basement; patio door dining)
~stool/cube/bench for front entrance
~stain for coffee table project
~rubber stopper for laundry tub(ours doesn't fit)

I actually think I can get some of these projects completed/ started within the next 2 weeks! I know, I know! Most people would accomplish more than that, but it's tough getting Cory to actually help with a lot of these projects and I have a strange aversion to touching most wood products (seriously) it's often hard for me to complete projects involving furniture or the like, without assistance.

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