Sunday, August 9, 2009

Powder Room

The first room when you enter our home, is the powder room. I love the placement of it too!! It's great for when you run in the house, and yet, it's not too close to the main living area, so there's still the idea of privacy.
Since this room was going to be getting some serious use all the time, I wanted to finish it quickly. But now that I see it done, I feel that there's something not quite right....
My guess is the artwork.... but until I find something else I love, these Paris pieces will have to do!

Originally, I wanted to do tile foors in the powder room, but since the house is small, we chose to run the same dark flooring right throughout, to avoid breaking up the space. Both the floors and cabinetry throughout are in a very dark wood finish.
The wall here is angled, and there was an awkwardly-placed light switch that I wanted to hide with something dramatic! I think this arrangement fits the bill! The height and colors are perfect!

It also cost me NOTHING!!! A giftcard from Michael's bought me this white vase for $9.99, and the arrangement was a "Summer Solstice" arrangement on sale for $12.99.
The wall color is actually a grey that reads very blue (which we love).

Next to the vanity, there is a strange little nook opening, under the counter... I'm not sure what the purpose is,and I am still trying to decide what to put there. I think a wastebasket would un-pretty it! I'm thinking of a leather basket filled with fluffy ocean-colored towels!!

You can kinda see the art here. There's a big black and white Paris print in a silver framed behind the toilet and then to the side, there are two very small paintings I bought in Paris, in small blue frames. I love them all, but don't think they are working in here...

Thoughts? I think I need a larger, more graphic piece! Any suggestions?

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