Monday, August 31, 2009

mini break

I didn't get anything done this weekend. Not one thing. But I did do some relaxing. I got a last minute invite to hit up a friend's "cabin" for the weekend. Despite the fact that Cory wouldn't be able to make it, I decided to tag along.

So, you can imagine my surprise when we got there, and I was welcomed into a home that was bigger than my dad's house... on the lake.... with a very large yard!

Yes, this isn't so much a cabin, as it is a "lake house". It was beautiful!!

I've yet to get our pics downloaded, but here are a few that I took on my cell phone:

So, in addition to laying around on an airmattress, and lounging in my lawn chair, I can say there were no bright ideas had, no projects started or finished, and certainly no cleaning! It was a nice little break.

In fact, the only thought I think I had the whole time, was how badly I wanted a place like it, of my very own!! I even had cory come out late yesterday, so that he could see for himself what I was seeing! Needless to say, you can bet, we're gonna be looking at property for next summmer lol!

We also had Jarrett & Ashley over for dinner last night afterwards, and got them introduced to Hung & True Blood so I think we might have turned them into fans!

Today: started out not so good! I got in my car, and headed to work, only to turn around immediately, when my car let me know that my tire was flat! Not low, but FLAT!! Luckily, Cory was off, so I stole his car, and he's going to get mine fixed for me!

I've cancelled my training session tonight, and decided to cancel them indefinitely, until I can get something done about my bum knees! I'm ok with that though since I still have to finish 2 weeks worth of laundry, finish the closet project, download the weekend's pics, figure stuff out for the surprise party I am planning, learn to use Photoshop Elements , make some greeting cards, decide if I want to take a job opportunity, set-up an activity for this weekend's get-together with Rebecca, plan a dinner date, buy a bday gift, and work on 2 very special cards!

I'm sure there's more.. but that's all I can think of!

It's another beautiful day out, and I'm relishing them, cause they'll be few and far between soon enough!!


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