Monday, September 15, 2014

Office Progress: Drapery

A few months back, when the friend I had staying with me moved out, I decided it was time to update the office a little bit.  Nothing fancy, but as the space was entirely full of dark furniture, it was feeling pretty "heavy" and I felt I could lighten things up a little bit and make it more conducive to my wanting to use and be in the space.

The first thing I decided was that I wasn't going to bring all the furniture back in.  The tall BILLY bookcase was relocated to the basement for some storage in the laundry space,which worked out  well.  I also got rid of the stand alone filing cabinet since I gained the filing drawer space in the drawer tower that the ex had left me.

Everything else was returned to the room in pretty much the same spot, since I was keeping the big mirror in the space and that limits the furniture placement.

....and then I kind of got busy with work and nothing else happened in the space.  Until last week that is, when I remembered about the project and had some free time to go shopping!

The first thing I wanted to do was bring in some color and pattern into the space via some patterned drapes.  I lucked out at HomeSense  when I came across these pretty geometric linen panels in white, grey and turquoise.  While I`m not usually a fan of grommet panels, they seem to be the norm for HomeSense, and I can`t complain when I get 2 panels for $25.00!

I also needed to buy a drapery rod for the space and after checking out a ton of different options (and actually buying a different one initially), I came across this pretty one with Mercury Glass finials which I absolutely loved.  They were also cheaper than the plainer version I had already purchased.  These are Threshold from Target .

This was my first time putting up drapery rods, which I know is ridiculous.  But it was pretty easy and I even added one immediately after, to the guest room as well.  As soon as they were up, I knew the finials were perfect.


They add a lot of interest to the space and I am really happy with the color.
The  only unfortunate thing is that for whatever reason, I didn't actually read the drapes' dimensions.  Since the ones I'd purchased for my bedroom were the same company, I assumed they were the same... I was wrong.  :(  
But I can totally solve that with the addition of a band of fabric at the bottom. 
I'll be on the lookout for a nice linen-like fabric in a coordinating grey or turquoise color. 
In the meantime, I really like how they are adding a little something to the room!
Tomorrow, I will be sharing a little more pattern that I've added to the space!

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