Monday, September 22, 2014

Change of Plans

I had planned a nice weekend post on all the Fall Decor over at my house.  Afterall. I spent all last week getting inspired by so many wonderful blogs and all the gorgeous fall decorating everyone has been doing. I had even gone out and purchased a few new things I wanted, to add to my collection.  Then, I got up and went to get started and kinda got stuck.

Nothing I did looked right. I didn't really have the right stuff for the look I wanted to create.... I just felt like my space wasn't nearly as inspiring as some of the gorgeous spaces I'd seen in BlogLand. My small home also didn't really have many spaces for me to inject a rustic, elegant harvest vibe I was going for. Everything just looked AWKWARD....

And then I realized this:

Why the heck was I inside my house trying to make my feel warm and cozy when I was running the fans again and wishing I was outside, enjoying the day??   With as short as our summer seasons are here, it's no wonder I wasn't feeling the itch to start packing summer away!  So I forgot about it all, stopped beating myself up about it and enjoyed the day. 

I'll get around to decorating for fall this week/weekend. But for the meantime, here are some phone shots of our walk yesterday. I'll be bringing my real camera with me next time ! :) 

This gorgeous little bridge is one of my favorite things about this park. 

Love this view of the trees. From green to yellow, to bare...

It's always a feat getting this one to sit still but when she does, she gives me good smiles!! 

Hope you had a great weekend! I've got a few painting projects I'm working on right now so I should be able to reveal those this week!! 

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