Saturday, September 13, 2014

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While I realize I haven't shared with you any photos of the outdoor spaces from this summer yet, the weather has been crap lately - we had snow on Monday, and rain practically every day since!  So I will hopefully get around to that this weekend if things smarten up.  But without further ado, some insight into what I have been working on inside!

Just over a year ago, an incident led to me needing to replace the powder room door.  I managed to get a great deal through work for the same profile doors I have (and love) throughout the rest of the house. Unfortunately, the door was unpainted and unprimed - no problem I said, I'll get right on that!

Since it's install, I've scowled at the door, apologized to guests and warned them "the door isn't dirty, its unpainted..." as I've sent them on their way to the powder room.  I couldn't take it one more second, and last week, armed with some White Russians, my iPhone and a wireless stereo, I decided to paint the damn thing.  At 9:30 p.m. on a Tuesday......

Here is the BEFORE:
You can see how ugly and not bright white it was...  you can also see on the left side there, dirty fingerprints from the guys who carried the door for me.... the shame!



 It's hard to tell in the pics (nighttime) but it is an exact match to the trim!!  So fresh and clean now!!

As well, months and months ago, after the friend I had staying with me moved out, I decided I was going to refresh my office.  I opted not to move some of the old furniture back in, and then didn't do a single thing else.  Last week, when I realized I'd picked up a temporary contract that would have me working from home a few nights a week, I realized it was high time I got back to work on the office.  While it's not quite ready for a full reveal, here's one of the quick projects I completed.

A while back, I redid a corkboard to be a pretty little live Pinterest board for my office.  The only thing was it didn't have any hanging hardware on the back.  After about 2 years of having it leaning against the wall (and then also crashing down behind the deck and destroying the baseboard), I got fed up and rectified that.

Here's a super easy way to add hardware to anything you want to hang.

1.  Pick up these handy little self-levelling picture hangers from Home Depot


2. Flip over the item you need to add hardware to 

3.  Use a measuring tape to mark the centre

4.  Place the middle of the hardware thing over the dot you marked and then hammer in the little nails they provide.  (I busted out my jewelry making tools and used needle nose pliers to hold the nail so I didn't hammer my fingers)

5.  Flip your piece over, hammer a nail or screw into the wall (I used an anchor for mine since the board is heavy and with pinning and unpinning items to it, I figured it would be smarter to make it secure).  Hang on wall

I won't show an overall shot as I am still working on the rest of the space, but it will be coming soon!
There's lot going on in the house right now, project wise, (it's an absolute mess right now!), so stay tuned as I have lots of posts coming!!

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