Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Simple and Beautiful

One of my favorite snags from the big warehouse clearout at work has got to be this GORGEOUS Ginger Jar.  I'm not actually sure that's what it is, but that's what I am calling it....

This thing is HUGE and actually pretty heavy.  I'm pretty sure it was originally from HomeSense as well and even though the colors are a little different than what we usually go for around here, after a few months of thinking about it, I had to snag it!

I love how the paint job is kinda imperfect and really looks hand-done.  You can see the great patina on the metal on the top and base.  The latch top is nice and you could even put a lock on there if you wanted.  I mean, you'd have a have a gorgeous old, weathered padlock or something.... I wouldn't rightly go and use the brand new, bright blue master lock that Cory has on the kitchen counter from a brand new 3 pack he bought...

Until the office gets cleared out, cleaned up and re-done, it's sitting atop a filing cabinet and I get turning around to peek at it! :)

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