Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the wall floor?

About a year ago, one of our showhomes sold and the new homeowners opted to purchase the home with MOST of the furniture and accessories.  Of the items they chose NOT to take, I sold a good portion of them on kijji however, one of the items, the one I wanted soooo badly, was rather expensive and just was not getting any bites, which really surprised me.

It's come time for me to find something to do with the remainder of the items as we desperately need the space in the warehouse so the next couple days will be the last time to snag some incredibly discounted home decor and furniture if you're in the Edmonton area before I pack it all up for charity.  Unfortunately, due to the bed bug outbreak that ran rampant around the cith the past year, NO ONE will take anything upholstered, as there is foam inside, it's considered upholstered despite the fact that the exterior fabric is more like a vinyl and wipeable. 

This worked out well for me, especially since I just could not bear to see the mirror go to someone who didn't really appreciate it, so I snatched it up and can't be happier!

Sorry about this crappy photo, I took it last night since I just couldn't wait and then was gone during daylight hours today.

The mirror was custom made and is really large (probably 4 feet x 4 feet) and is ridiculously heavy.  Cory estimates it was about 60 lbs. so it would be best leant against a wall atop a dresser or something similar.

There's just something about the upholsterey that I LOVE!
I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it's kind of like a shagreen, almost like a python texture. 
 The color is a nice mix of cream, grey and beige so even though it's a little "funky", it reads as a neutral which is perfect.

Then of course, there's the nailhead detail.  Who doesn't love a little nailhead?

For the meantime, it will be getting moved into the office since it is the only place right now with a big enough wall with a large piece underneath for it to lean on.  I'll be clearing the space tonight so I will share pics of it in the space when it's moved!

What do you think?

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