Thursday, January 19, 2012

For a while now, I`ve wanted to lighten up the look in the guest room.  I never set out to decorate it that way, but all the furniture in there is pine, which isn`t really my style.  Admittedly, we didn`t really do much to the space after we moved in, other than set up the furniture and occassionally arrange a few items accessories on the dresser since we semin0regularly have family come in from out of town. 

It has long been on my wishlist to actually get something going in there that I would be a little happier showcasing to our guests, but time and budget haven't really allowed for it, so we made due with what we had.  I've decided that this is the year we're gonna see it through.

The first step was setting a color scheme.  This past summer, we found the perfect bedding set at Walmart and somehow managed to snag the whole bed-in-a-bag for something like $20!!  I absolutely love the color combination of the grey and silver so it's the jumping off point for the room.  I like to think that when I eventually get around to having kids, this will be the perfect bedding for our little girl to grow into so a nursery would definitely be these colors!  :)

(excuse the fabric swatch, I was testing out some drapery options and these obviously do NOT work)

The crazy fur bolster is from Ikea YEARS ago, in my teenage bedroom.  I love it in here and it works well with the bedding.  We still really need a headboard and I plan on getting that done in the spring once we tackle the one in our bedroom first.

I finally hung the painting to get it out of the way am not really loving it.  The green is throwing me, plus the height and scale of it aren't working. 

I'm also starting to think we need to switch the paint color out to something with a bit more grey or more white.....

Currently, all of the furniture in the room is pine. (Nightstand, armoire, tallboy dresser and hope chest)   That color scheme is absolutely NOT working for me!  So  I hope to get a paint sprayer this summer so we can spray it all out white. Plus, we'll most likely move one or two pieces out altogether and bring in a nice chair. Although, I was a little worried that going all white would be too "cutesy" and little girl....

We did however pick up one new addition last week, this feminine little table:

I love her curvy lines!  There's something so feminine about her that I love for this room.

So, to test my theory, I shoved her in the corner so I could take some photos and see how I felt about the color change for the space. 

She's actually a lot more cream than white, but I figured it was close enough for me to judge.

So far, I am liking the lighter option!  We may choose to paint this a brighter white when we do the other pieces for the room, but overall, a better fit! 
I'll have to stage the table to see how well it works for a nightstand, but for the meantime, I am gonna try playing around with some item placement in there to see if I can come up with something a little better!

We're also going to be adding some curtains to the window.  Ikea used to carry a nice grey velvet drape that I can't find online, so I may have to do some sleuthing to find those.

Once the drapes are hung, the headboard complete, the furniture revamped and the addition of some new art and accessories, this room will be a lot fresher and ready for guests! :)

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