Monday, April 11, 2011

A little something I like...

I've been a bad blogger, but for good reason: my mom's been in the hospital again, so I've been pretty consumed with driving her back and forth into the city and generally sitting in hospital rooms and the like.

She's doing a bit better now and while we still don't know what's wrong, so we're hoping for the best.

In better news, my first nephew is due on Saturday so I am anxiously awaiting his arrival.

This morning, we had someone over to examine and possibly frame out the half wall in the basement that was never done before we moved in. Upon further inspection it looks as though they may have to rip everything out of our laundry area and re-plumb the whole space. Though inconvenient, I am actually hoping this is the case. It will mean more space in the washroom next to it, and will eliminate a lot of the awkward plumbed lines that we weren't sure how to accomodate and work around... Fingers crossed.

Oh, and in addition to the new furniture we'll get for the basement when it's finally finished, our living room set will be replaced as well. It has been bumped up on the list due to it's awfulness.

So, I have started my search for a new set. Here's just one of the beauties that caught my eye (and my butt's comfort) this weekend!
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LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Is that couch for your living room? How much wear will it get?

Is it where you watch tv etc?

We have a similar couch (but in leather) in our family room and it isn't really big enoug for the two of us to cuddle up and watch a movie. Just a thought.

I love the colour though - looks so soft!

Pretty Little Things for Home & Life said...

Yes, this couch will replace the one in our living room. Currently, it is where we watch tv, howver that will be changing this summer/fall as we finish our basement development and the tv watching will be moved to the basement family room.

Currently, due to the layout of the room, we sit on separate couches anyhow. Or should I say lay, since we both lay facing the tv on our respective sofas.

So once everything is said and done, this will mostly serve as a more formal living room, so I think it should be fine.

While it's hard to see in the photo, the color is actually a really nice grey, almost silvery, which I think will look great in this space. Plus, will hide a lot more wear than our current color. The velvet is sooo nice - I hope the bf likes it as much as me!