Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Searching for something new underfoot

Cory and I have decided that it's time to get rid of the shag area rug in our dining room.  It is was an off-white and now is looking a color a little "skankier".

I mean, yes she did think the soft rug was akin to grass and took to it more than once while potty training (don't look at me weird, we cleaned it people!)  but it was also her favorite place to hide when she was little (and muddy) and still fit under there.  But I guess we just should have been more diligent with it to begin with.  I don't know how much cola it's absorbed, not to mention countless other snacks.

Anyhow, we're gonna start looking when we come back for something to replace it with.  I, however want to replace it with a doppleganger.
Look how nice and pretty it is brand new! It's actually got some shimmery threads in it!

I found this slightly more traditional rug that I am kind of fond of.  It has a nice, fun design in my favorite colors.  But I like that it isn't too "in your face" since the color is gradual.  But I would have to see it in person to get a real feel for it.

This is the other option from Rona that caught my eye.  I love all the colors and the pattern.  But I am worried it might be a little too modern.  However, it does come in smaller sizes so it will definitely be an option as a front door mat!

Do you like any of these I have selected? Think something else would be a better fit?

I am trying to keep it very cost-effective.  As with three animals, it will get quite dirty!

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