Sunday, January 2, 2011

Refreshed and Renewed...

Well, as I anticipated, the Christmas blues have subsided and I am eager to get back to blogging and working on projects for the home.  I've been making important decisions and getting this in order and I am starting to feel like my old self again.

First off, I never got to sharing any of my Christmas decor photos.  Admittedly, I didn't even intentionally take any....  In all honesty, I didn't really do anything different than last year, so I ddin't even think of it, until everything had been dismanteled and returned to the boxes in the garage.... whoops.  Oh well, I kinda lost steam with it all this year anyhow, so it wasn't much to begin with. 

But in regards to Christmas gifts, my big gift this year was something home-related! Plus, I have a few other home-related projects in the works for once.

Here's a quick peek at a few of the items I have in-store for 2011!!

1.  I snagged a new dining room light fixture that I CAN NOT WAIT to have installed!! 

 I have been eyeing up and talking about this baby for quite some time now.  I'm not actually sure if it will actually look like I've been envisioning but I am keeping my fingers crossed and Cory said he'd attempt to hang it next weekend, provided he is not working.

2. If I can swing it, I will be tracking down all new furniture for the main floor.  Definitely new dining chairs, possibly a new table (or a re-finish to our current one).  New sofa and loveseat (or chairs), possibly some new tables(?) and new accessories (most likely just lamps).

3. I'm going to be tracking down the 2 remaining matching wood blinds for our bedoom and some sort of window dressing for our basement garden doors.  I'll also be adding some color, pattern and texture to most of the rooms in the house by adding some drapes to most, if not all, the rooms.

4. New bedding for our master bedroom!! 

5. An update to the guest bedroom including refinishing the furniture, new bedding and accessories.

6. A re-configuration and completely redo of our office.  We no longer have a desktop computer and are still debating whether or not we really need a full office set up.

7. We are PURGING big-time.  After helping to set up a brand-new showhome this week, and helping our friends move the other day, I have a new found craving for living with less!!  De-cluttering and selling, donating and chucking out stuff we don't need/use/fit, etc. will be super cathartic.... I hope!

8.  I have been told to get moving on finally finishing our upholstered headboard, so once I decide on perfect linens,  I will make a decision on fabric and get to work!

9. We are going to break our fear and just go ahead and finish wallpapering the powder room.

10.  Landscaping will commence in our backyard this year AND we will improve on the work that was started last year....

I am excited to get going on all these new projects and TONS MORE, so hopefully you will join me on this hourney!! 

A prosperous and exicitng 2011 to you all!!

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