Thursday, January 13, 2011

Right on Target!

Big news! I actually let out two loud "whoo hoos" at work when I heard, but apparently the company who owns Target has purchased Zellers here in Canada.

They apparently will eventually converting the stores into Targets by 2013.

As excited as I am to finally get a Target here (fantastic home stuff for great prices), it's a little heart-breaking to hear that they are getting rid of the Zellers brands...

I remember going with my grandparents and parents there for lunch when I was a little girl. I also still shop there quite frequently!

But all in all, I can't wait to stock up on cute home items like all my fellow American blogging friends!

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Kristi said...

This news makes my day as well! I had heard that they were coming to Canada but to know for sure is great!

Scoremore said...

Target has a potential upside of 15.7% based on a current price of $55.5 and an average consensus analyst price target of $64.22.The company is acquiring leasehold interest in up to 220 sites from Zellers Inc. and expects to open the first 100 to 150 Target stores in 2013 and 2014.