Monday, June 23, 2008

Speaking of things I like....

When we moved into the new condo, Cory and I also purchased a brand new mattress. With my back pain, we had to. However, coming from a double bed, I wanted to go all out and get a king, especially since he likes to sleep hot, and I prefer to be cool. So we got the biggest freaken mattress in the world lol!~!

Really, the thing is huge, and I need to hop up. The kitties had some issues getting up at first. Anyhow, so we dug out the brand new (in plastic still) duvet and duvet cover that I had bought years ago (king sized) and low and behold... they were WAYYYYYY too small.!!! WTF???!!
In fact, when we moved the king sized stuff and put it on the double bed (just to see.....) it was a perfect fit. The exact perfect amount of hang and everything..... so anyhow I was pissed. So we took to sleeping with our own blankets ( which is nice anyhow) until we could find something that fit properly!

Then when I bought sheets.. same issue... Cory's side always pops off! We needed 22" sheets at the very minimum. We have been searching forever!!! Finally we found some nice sheets a couple weekends ago at Sears - their Sealy perfect fit or something like that... and they are great. They have this great little elastic panel (kinda like maternity wear) that stretches over the mattress and keeps it in place. So we got them in that bluey grey color.

We finally found one place - Quilts Etc. that carries a Super King Duvet... however Cory thinks we can shop around and find something cheaper! But then when we popped in yesterday we found a duvet cover that we both managed to agree on, extra points cause it was 70% off, and we got a huge discount on it and the matching shams... all for less than what I think we paid for sheets!!! SCORE!!
This is the picture off the website... as we haven't bought the duvet yet to set it up with.... but I think it's pretty and we could even go blue white or chocolate sheets... which is the color theme we were looking at!!! YAY!! Anyhow, I'll post pics of my space when we are all good to go! As the set-up they have here is a little too formal for my tastes!

But on a side note, strangely enough, this is the Sienna design... and name has some meaning for us!! Weird!!!

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