Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mission: failed but not abandonned

So last night, my mission was to start staining the Barrister's Cabinet we got from my mom, as we intend to use it as a sideboard in our dining area.

I got all changed, and excited and went down there, we moved the cars, set up sawhorses, wiped them down, and then Cory broke the news to me, that there was no way we were going to be able to stain these, as there was still far too much lacquer on them....

WHAT??? NO!!! MOM SAID SHE SANDED THEM - which she had, just not fully. After a quick call to her, she explained she thought we were painting, not staining.

As we don't have anything yet for sanding, the mission was put on hold until we get a sander... and we went for a walk instead.

Here's a pic of a display I saw at Finesse, that I love. Now our cabinet will look NOTHING like the one in the picture... but it's the idea I'm going for: We already have two paintings.... now just to find some lamps....

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