Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Big dreams.... small pocketbook

I have a lot of projects I would like to start this summer:
~ Finishing the Barrister's Cabinet so that it can serve it's purpose as our sideboard
~ Creating a customer upholstered headboard for our Super King bed.... I'm interested in a Diamond Button Tuft in a sumptuous fabric....this will have to be something I either create myself, or have made especially for us.
~ find leather barstool for the island so that I and the kitties can actually use them and watch pappa cook us dinner
~ make? and hang drapes in the living room, dining, and possibly bedrooms
~ get custom shutters made and installed in the window in the loft so working there in the early evening is tolerable.
~ create or find a bench of some sort for under the living room window
~create or find a piece of artwork for above the sofa
~ figure out what to do with the blank wall in the living room; cabinet?? or artwork only??

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