Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New momma Excitement

I don't have a new baby... I'm not pregnant nor am I trying to have a baby. But I love the new stuff Baby Gap Home has. You can bet big money on the fact that when I have children.... theyw ill be spoiled. By me, by their father, by my family, and our friends. And here is just a peek at some of the stuff my potential child would have:

This beautiful Chocolate Raspberry Floral bedding set:

With matching white or pink sheets.... micro chamois blankets in cream, white, chocolate or pink. This kid willl be stylin'!!! Storage options include brown and white polka dot baskets!!!
Is it wrong that I am tempted to buy this bedding set now, as I doubt I will be able to find something I love as much when I am pregnant? Nevermind the fact, that there is always the possibility I never have children... or only have boys lol.

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