Monday, June 23, 2008

Lovely little idea I had

So I was at Ikea this weekend... not sure if you're aware.. but it's their Summer Sale right now!!

I bought this little beauty, the EXPEDIT bookcase in black/brown and turned it on it's side, so as to use the top as a worksurface!

I then filled it with these boys, in different sizes: and a couple of bright fabric baskets in a gorgeous turquoisey/teal color. I think I am gonna replace all the boxes with the large size white KASSETT boxes...just cause I like the idea of them though.
The turquoise bins would be great though for the kitty toys, since they destroyed the black leather lidded box I got them, and they could pull ther toys out on their own!
As well, bought the Komplement 6 pce set ( 2 of em - in blk) and organized my underwear, bras, socks and tank tops!!! Full drawer are so empty looking now... but ORGANIZED!! Everyone should run out and do this if they already haven't!
Lastly, they had set of 4 different sized black painted rattan baskets, for $25.00. My initial idea was to turn the big one on it's side, and use the 2 smaller similar sized ones as drawers in our living room for magazines.... But instead decided that the two larger baskets would be perfect decoys for the ugly pots that came with the two newest plants mom brought us for the house!! And was I ever right.... I couldn't stop raving about them to anyone who was nearby.... I'll post a pic tonight!!

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